Tesco should close on Boxing Day

Dan Norris and Cllr Grant Johnson are calling on Tescos to give their workers a well earned break on Boxing day in recognition of the the unparalleled efforts of shop workers up over the past year.”

In a letter to the store manager at the Paulton store, the duo wrote: “For key workers, who have done so much this year, asking for shops to close on Boxing Day, so that they can have some quality time with their families, is really not too much to ask for. 2020 has been a year like no other, so let’s ensure that retail workers get a decent break at Christmas.”

Dan Norris said: “Tesco’s staff have played a key role in keeping our communities going in very challenging times. Those same communities want Tesco staff to be treated properly and respected this Boxing Day. It is the least they deserve.”

Councillor Grant Johnson, who represents Paulton on B&NES Council explained: “We have all seen the recent developments across the UK with the increase in virus cases, so we are calling on Tesco, which is situated in my ward of Paulton, to close this coming Boxing Day and give its workers a deserved break. It came as a surprise to us that on one of the few days of the year where closing your store has the smallest impact on residents in the Somer Valley, the decision was made to keep them open this Boxing Day.”

The letter also stated: “At a time when we all value more than ever the need to spend quality time with our loved ones, even a one-day break from giving individuals the opportunity to gather and potentially spread the virus is one that should not be missed.”

“The work that Tesco does across North East Somerset and the many causes it supports is telling of an organisation that cares about the community it serves and we’re asking you to extend that care to those that support you most, your workers. Hundreds of years ago, Boxing Day was a custom for tradesman to collect gifts and money for good service throughout the year and has since become an opportunity for employers to give back to their staff. To not take this opportunity after the extraordinary pressure and stress put on your employees would be a complete injustice.”

“We think it’s time for Tesco to remember what it stands for this Christmas period. After all, every little helps.”

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