Environment jobs snatched away from Bristol

Labour’s Mayoral candidate Dan Norris has hit out at today’s (26th January 2021) Government announcement on the location of the new Office of Environmental Protection. Bristol was expected to be the home of the powerful independent regulator but a last minute U-turn by the Government means it will be sent to Worcester instead.

The decision will mean Bristol will miss out on 120 new jobs.

Dan Norris said “Today’s news is a huge disappointment. Our area would have been the perfect place – we have a skilled workforce, great quality of life, a wonderful city surrounded by the most beautiful countryside – with great expertise provided by both Bristol Universities and local residents passionate about the environment.

“This announcement shows that Tories aren’t delivering for the West of England. Today we have lost out not just on 120 important jobs but also the wider benefit to small businesses and the economy.”

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