Dan Norris welcomes Labour Leader to meet Filton key worker heroes

Labour Metro Mayor candidate Dan Norris welcomed Labour leader Keir Starmer to the South West Ambulance Trust’s base in Filton.

The Labour duo met paramedics and other ambulance staff stationed there and heard about their tireless work throughout the pandemic.

But Metro Mayor candidate Dan Norris said that he was “very sad” to hear that these key workers heroes felt “let down and insulted” by the one per cent pay rise the Government plan for NHS staff.

The 1% increase will mean paramedics take home £3330 less pay than in 2010, when adjusted for inflation.

Mr Norris said: “NHS key worker heroes told me about the huge impact of the pandemic, the pressure and the extra shifts they’ve taken on. They are so proud to be a part of our NHS but covid has had a huge impact on them and their families. I’m afraid the mean-spirited one per cent pay rise the government has suggested is an insult. If ever there was a time to say thank you and show we value key workers it is now. It’s time for new leadership.”

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