Dan’s dog leads paws-itive dog theft awareness day zoom call

Dan Norris’ Cocker Spaniel Angel (and the Metro Mayor candidate himself) are backing Dog Theft Awareness day as figures show not only a large rise in demand for canine companionship during Covid lockdown but also an increase in the reporting of missing pets.

They are not letting sleeping dogs lie and hosted a special ‘Dogs Zoom meeting’ event for local dog owners to raise concerns and give them ‘paws for thought’.

The Stolen And Missing Pets Alliance’s (SAMPA) report that Doglost, the ‘lead’ in missing pets website saw a 170% increase in reports in 2020.

Dan Norris said: “The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns have caused many people to turn to man’s best friend as a source of support and mental wellbeing. The loss of a companion and family member, especially at this time can be devastating. I know I’d be as sick as a dog if Angel was stolen.

“Fortunately you can teach an old dog owner new tricks and we can all take simple steps to reduce the possibility of theft in this dog-eat-dog world including walking at different times of the day; varying your route; keeping your dog in sight at all times; not  wearing headphones or talking on your phone and checking your home and garden security.”

Angel added: “Woof!”

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