Blooming Lovely


Dan Norris is urging local residents to bring a bit of Japanese culture to the West of England by indulging in “Hanami” the ancient tradition of viewing and celebrating blossom.

With this spring likely to be the most anticipated ever as the UK slowly emerges from lockdown, the National Trust have launched its #BlossomWatch campaign. They are inviting people to share the joy and hope that the sight of blush-tinted blooms will bring to help lift spirits and enable everyone to celebrate nature together.
A growing body of evidence suggests that time spent daily connecting with nature is vital to human wellbeing, so Dan Norris is urging people to ‘turn social media pink, white and green’ over the coming weeks, to mark one of ‘nature’s greatest spectacles’.

Dan Norris said: “Being cut off from the nature during lockdown has made us all appreciate it even more. Walking around looking at plants and trees is good for both physical and mental health. I love taking Angel for a walk at this time of the year. So let’s get outdoors, safely and enjoy the blossom, and share our experiences with others.”

To get involved simply take and share a photo of blossom near you on social media using #BlossomWatch.

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