No to super-sized anaerobic digester power plant

Dan Norris opposes the proposed 92,000 tonne anaerobic digester to the south of Keynsham.

He has long shared residents’ concerns and hopes it will be third time unlucky for the controversial plans when they are discussed on 11 May. 

Dan Norris, who was previously an Environment Minister, says while he backs the principle of anaerobic digestion and is full square behind green jobs, he believes it is vital no one is bamboozled into accepting the supersized plant by “mission creep tactics”. 

He said, “The fact the law was broken before should not set a precedent on allowing giant buildings in the future.” He also warned that  anaerobic digesters  draw in waste from a wide area.

Praising POKE he added: “These plans could change our town and villages forever. We need to stand firm against excess traffic, smell and noise.” 

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