Invisible West of England Metro Mayor is least well known in country

Just 7% of people in the West of England could name the metro mayor unprompted, the lowest score nationwide. 

Research by Centre for Cities shows that the Conservative Metro Mayor of the West of England has failed to make an impact during his four years in office.

This contrasts to around six in ten people in Manchester and London who had their Metro Mayor’s name at the tip of their tongue. 

Yet the role, up for election on 6 May, has a big budget and powers over affordable housing, supporting businesses and transport.

Labour’s Dan Norris said: “The invisible Tory Metro Mayor has let opportunities slip through his fingers. We’ve missed out on a Freeport and being home to the Office for Environmental Protection. The number of new apprentices is down, desperately needed money to support our high streets is languishing in the bank, and housing plans have been delayed. It’s time for new leadership.”

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