Shadow Chancellor visits Keynsham High Street

Labour’s Dan Norris welcomed Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds to Keynsham High Street. The Labour duo discussed the re-opening of shops after the recent lockdown and the importance of supporting local businesses.

Dan Norris has been scathing of the current Metro Mayor’s failure to invest half of his High Street fund at a time that businesses are crying out for support. 

He said: “Our local shops are the lifeblood of our communities. People feel proud of them and want them to thrive. The pandemic has been devastating which is why it’s ridiculous that half the Conservative Metro Mayor’s High Street fund is languishing in the bank when support is needed right now. It’s time for new leadership.”

Ms Dodds said: “The Tories don’t care what happens to our high streets. We need to act now to rebuild Britain’s high streets, to give our children and grandchildren safe spaces to enjoy, and restore pride in our town centres.”

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