No to European Super League

A huge meeting attended by Metro Mayor Candidate Dan Norris and angry football fans including from both professional Bristol clubs was convened today by Sir Keir Starmer  

The football fans are angered at the announcement that top flight teams plan to establish a European football “Super League”. 

They believe that Football governance should be about the millions of fans it serves, not the interests of a rich elite. 

Dan Norris said: “Fans keep football alive and their views must be heard. 

“As a supporter I’ve waited an age in the hope of seeing Bristol City return to the top flight, but at least I know that if they win promotion to the Premier League it will be on merit.

“Where is the joy and heartbreak of promotion and relegation for founding clubs in the Super League? Their proposal is only about money now. This plan needs to be halted fast and a line in the sand should be drawn so that football can never again be put at risk in this way by the greed of club owners and at the expense of fans.” 

Dan Norris has co-signed a letter to the Competitions and Market Authority calling on them to review the plans for a new European “Super League” as the plans amount to a massive reduction in the current level of competition for UK and European football clubs.

The online meeting heard fears that the new Super League plan would create an even larger gap between the richest clubs and the rest. The Premier League still makes significant payments to lower league clubs and grassroots football in England with no indication that equivalent sums would be passed on by the European Super League.

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