Thank you. It is an honour to be elected as your Metro Mayor

Labour’s Dan Norris has been elected Metro Mayor of the West of England – a Labour gain.

The results of the closely contested seat were announced aboard the SS Great Britain at 4.35pm.

Speaking after the results were announced newly elected Mayor Dan Norris said: “It’s a huge honour to be elected as Metro Mayor for an amazing part of the world that I am so proud to call home. I will show the difference an active Metro Mayor makes for our region. This role is about collaboration and I will be a Metro Mayor who listens carefully and works cooperatively. I’m determined to hit the ground running with a Jobs and Skills summit in my first 100 days and my Green Recovery Plan. I also know that the pandemic has been tough and as we build back, invest in jobs and our high streets, we must learn key lessons. Together we can create a society where we keep looking out for each other and value what’s truly important.”

Dan Norris is a former Environment Minister and child protection officer. He lives in Pensford and enjoys walks with his dog Angel.

The final results were:

Labour Dan Norris, Final total votes125,482, Share 59.5%
Conservative Samuel Williams, Final total votes, 85,389, Share 40.5%

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