Tree-mendous plan launched

Metro Mayor Dan Norris gave his seal of approval at the official launch of the The launch of the “Forest Avon Plan: A Tree and Woodland Strategy for the West of England” alongside the West of England Nature Partnership, the Forest of Avon Trust and other local environmental groups.

The plan has a target to double tree cover by 2050 – an extra 1.1 million trees every decade – one for each resident in the region.

West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris said:

“Trees are tree-mendous. As the world struggles with a climate emergency there can be no better time to imagine how things could be different. There are some really exciting ideas here and I’m full square behind the idea of planting one tree for every person in the West of England. Trees matter, helping to clean and cool the air, reduce flooding, and are beautiful to look at. Plus my dog Angel loves rustling through the leaves that have fallen off the trees every Autumn.’

The plan sets out a comprehensive set of action plans for each area within the region as well as key principles for tree planting and care.

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