Slow Barbecue Food Takes The Brisket

Metro Mayor Dan Norris popped in on local Westfield business Nomads’ BBQ for the antithesis of ‘fast food’.   

Accompanied by local councillor Grant Johnson, the Metro Mayor will see how the family run firm uses locally sourced wood and charcoal to cook its meat for up to 12 hours and boasts ‘not an electric plug in sight’.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “In our fast moving world it is a pleasure to support a locally established business that is at the heart of the community and is really taking its time to provide a quality product.”

Cllr Johnson added “It’s amazing to see new businesses able to flourish in the most difficult of circumstances. Nomad’s has a great USP and are setting a great example to other younger local residents who might look at business as the right path for them.”

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