From Tears for Fears to Roni Size – how musical history is helping drive business growth

Smart phone in hand and headphones at the ready, Metro Mayor Dan Norris will visit some of Bristol and Bath’s hidden music gems as part of an innovative project called ‘Everything is Music’. 

It’s like Pokemon Go – but for the local cultural scene explained Tom Frost Co-founder of the biggest independent free monthly culture magazine in Europe. 

Music lovers visit which directs you to a free map on your phone. Then you walk to one of the pinned locations on the map. Only once you are there can you “unlock” tunes, interviews and stories from our region’s musical past, present and future. Users are also encouraged to explore local record shops and download local artists’ music.  

The app is proving a hit with 7000 users since its launch in May. 

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “This innovative platform is a must for music lovers of all ages and takes people on a tour of old music venues, studios and record shops. It’s a fascinating insight into Bristol and Bath’s music history, from where 50s superstar Russ Conway lived in Bedminster to the studio in Clifton where Portishead recorded their first album Dummy.”   

Tom Frost said: “This project has been an incredible effort over 18 months between both our teams. We have looked to present the most rounded and diverse selection of Bristol and Bath’s musical history as possible, and we’re excited to show Dan Norris a taster of what we’ve launched.  We hope Everything is Music continues to be a driver for local businesses and understanding of the rich musical history of both cities.”  

The project has been supported by the Creative Scale Up programme run by the West of England Combined Authority led by Metro Mayor Dan Norris. 

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