Red hot mayor has cool plan

As the West of England swelters, Metro Mayor Dan Norris has called for a maximum workplace temperature of 30C to be set by employers. He also wants local companies to put measures in place for workers who are at home, without access to things like air conditioning.

When temperatures plunge, workers have a right to go home as the mercury drops below 16C, but there is not currently a law when the weather hots up setting a maximum temperature limit.

The Mayor says that as our climate changes and we are seeing more extreme weather which is set to increase, now is the time for change.�

He says: “Our planet is heating up, and so are our workplaces and that can create serious medical problems from skin cancer to organ failure, with cases of dizziness, fainting, or even heat cramps.”

The Mayor says a change in the law is needed, but in the meantime plans to include safe temperatures to work in his Good Employers Charter for the due to be launched early in the next year.

He has also backed TUC guidance to help keep employees cool this week, including relaxing dress codes as an inexpensive way to help keep employees cool.

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