Travelling between Bath and Bristol

How can we make travelling between Bristol and Bath better on foot, by bike or by bus? That’s the question residents who live near or travel along the A4 are being asked, to help shape transport improvements along the route.

The West of England Combined Authority wants to hear about the issues people face as well as ideas on how to provide better bus, cycling and walking options to help people move around more easily and sustainably.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “This section of the A4 can get horribly congested. People who regularly travel along this road have strong views about air quality and being stuck in traffic jams. To reach our ambitious net zero target by 2030, we have to provide better transport options. Cars shouldn’t be the default between Bath and Bristol. There are no quick fixes to the challenges of the busy A4, but this consultation is an important start to finding real and sustainable solutions so I urge everyone take part.”

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