A complete mess’: Will alpaca owners be queuing for tests now, asks Metro Mayor

Following reports that Geronimo the alpaca did not have bovine tuberculosis, according to the preliminary findings of the post-mortem examination, Metro Mayor for the West of England Dan Norris, where Geronimo lived, said:

“I’m heartbroken by this news and I know millions of people around the world will feel the same if Geronimo was needlessly put down.

When I visited Geronimo he seemed as fit as a fiddle to me. In fact Helen spent a lot of time chasing after him.

“This is a complete mess. The Government should have shown moral leadership. They should have offered a third test. Remember it is voluntary to get your alpaca tested. Does the Government really think owners will be queuing up for tests now?”

Mr Norris’s responsibilities as Metro Mayor include West of England jobs, skills and businesses.

“The eyes of the world have been on Geronimo, and my region and our country are now on the map for all the wrong reasons. This will hit confidence in our region, and I’m furious.”

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