Wheel-y good! Metro Mayor rolls into South Bristol skatepark setting sights on future Olympic winners

One of the West of England’s most eye-catching indoor venues – based in a former swimming pool – got a visit from Metro Mayor Dan Norris as his dog Angel l, as he learnt more about how Campus Pool skatepark is using a grant from the Combined Authority he leads.


Skateboarding in the UK had a massive boost this summer when 13-year old Sky Brown won bronze at the Tokyo Olympics, since when Campus Pool has reported a surge of interest.


Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “After success at the Tokyo Olympics the profile of UK skateboarding has never been higher. Its popularity is rising and I want to learn how indoor venues like Campus Pool are inspiring young people to improve their skills. 


“Who knows, the West of England might be home to a future Olympic skateboard medal winner.”


Staff at the social enterprise are buying a heat transfer device with the West of England Combined Authority grant, enabling them to create their own branded skateboards. They say this will make Campus Pool the only UK-based skateboard printer, and they will soon be offering the new printing service to other UK-based brands.


Mr Norris added: “It’s been the country’s only indoor concrete skatepark for some time and when the new equipment is ready to roll Campus Pool staff will want to shout about what would be another wheel-y good ‘first’.”

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