‘A paw-some achievement!’ Metro Mayor visits Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

Cats, rats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, snakes and other small animals greeted dog-owner and Metro Mayor Dan Norris when he visited a Bristol animal welfare charity to learn about its work.

The Metro Mayor was invited to meet staff and volunteers as he toured the centre to find out about some of the 10,000 vulnerable animals it looks after each year.

Bristol Animal Rescue Centre has been working in the city since 1887. It is affiliated to the RSPCA and relies on local support within the community to fund its work.

Dan Norris said: “Bristol Animal Rescue Centre been looking after pets and wildlife for over 130 years. It’s a genuinely paw-some achievement!

“Pets are not only fabulous companions, they can also help reduce the stress and anxieties that come with everyday living. When it comes to helping, healing and homing vulnerable animals, the West of England leads the way as home to a number of fantastic animal welfare charities.

“Bristol Animal Rescue Centre is well-known and loved by so many people right across the city and beyond. Even so, when I learned it’s been doing its excellent work for over 130 years, I thought ‘You’ve got to be kitten!’”

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