Sir Keir Starmer looks to the future

Speaking from Labour Party Conference following Sir Keir Starmer’s Leader’s Speech, West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris said:

“Today we heard a deeply personal speech from Keir, setting out his values. His decency, honesty and sense of service shone through.

“But the speech was much more than this, it set out a serious future-focused plan.

“Like Keir, I am excited by the power of technology. Here in the West of England we are at the forefront of innovative new technology, and our brilliant locally-based scientists, researchers and engineers hold so many keys to meeting the urgent challenges of climate change.

“That includes our brilliant West of England engineers at Airbus in Filton who Keir gave a shout out to in his speech as “pioneers of flight perched on the edge of a cliff taking the risk, knowing that success … would change the world.”

“I’m leaving Brighton energised. Keir Starmer showed the West of England and Britain today that he is a Prime Minister in waiting.”

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