Support for people working in adult social care

People who work in adult social care will be able to get more professional support with the launch of a new scheme funded by The West of England Combined Authority led by Metro Mayor Dan Norris.

The focus of the Adult Social Care Workforce Resilience Programme will include:
• ensuring excellent training opportunities
• providing mental health support for staff
• improving the use of technology
• helping professional development

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “One of the main lessons of the pandemic has been that people now recognise, perhaps more than ever, the enormous value that caring roles bring to communities across the West of England.

“If we’re to encourage more people to consider taking on these vital roles, they need to know they’ll get high-quality training and qualifications to do their important job brilliantly.

“The duties involved in caring professions can take a huge emotional toll, and so people considering them also need to know support is there for their mental health if it’s needed. I’m pleased these are key elements of this new programme and I look forward to seeing it make a real difference across our area.”

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