Mayor Gives Guide To Disrupting Status Quo

Metro Mayor Dan Norris has spoken out at Bristol’s first ever Blue Earth Summit.

The summit is a prestigious event jam packed with adventurers, pioneers and athletes. Amongst the line up is Sir Tim Smit, from The Eden Project, Rosie Stancer, a Polar Explorer and Melissa Reid a Paralympic Triathlon medallist. 

Metro Mayor Dan Norris headed up a session entitled “Speaking Truth to Power: Disrupting the Status Quo”. 

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “There is a climate emergency and I think people are ahead of politicians. The pandemic has fundamentally changed work and travel patterns. Some of my policies are about disrupting the status quo such as my stance against the airport expansion. Now that has caused some choppy waters – but I think it is the right thing to do. On other issues I think we can get a real consensus around the need for significant investment to deliver innovation and new technologies for rapid decarbonisation. Our economic recovery needs to be green and deliver NetZero.”

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