Young people ahead of politicians at Climate Summit

Metro Mayor Dan Norris heard the views of young people at a special climate emergency summit in Bristol.

16-18 year-olds from across the West of England were be joined by engineers and environmentalists from across the region at The Youth Engineering for Environmental Sustainability (YEESS) Summit.

During the event they will discuss ways in which net zero goals can be achieved, and how to create more sustainable futures for communities across the region. The discussions will be showcased to international audiences at the upcoming COP-26 Conference.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris spoke and chaired a discussion during the final session of the event.

Dan Norris said: “When it comes to the climate emergency, young people are well ahead of politicians.
“They understand the need for urgent action.
“They are clear-thinking and straight-talking.
“And they have creative ideas about how we can move quickly to meet our ambitious net zero targets.
“Our region is home to so much innovative technology, with brilliant scientists, researchers and engineers working to meet the urgent challenges we all face.
“As they move into further study and into employment these young people will become valued additions to our huge West of England Pool of talent, helping shape solutions.”

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