Protecting the West’s best ideas


The brilliant ideas of West of England inventors, artists and designers need to be protected, says Metro Mayor Dan Norris, and now he is launching a brand new scheme to help do just that. 

Creative West of England people will be able to access expert support to protect their trade secrets and stop their ideas from being copied, with help to develop and protect their intellectual property. 

“If you have a great idea, there will always be those who will want to cash-in on your success and pass off your ideas as their own. People often understand the importance of protecting ideas they’ve worked hard to create, yet don’t know where to turn for professional support,” says Metro Mayor Dan Norris. 

“So this new scheme will enable people to get top-notch advice on issues around copyrights and patents.” 

Research shows that companies that own their intellectual property perform better and pay higher wages. But with the rise of the internet, where products and services reach vast audiences at the click of a button, the chances of intellectual property theft have increased too. 

The West of England Combined Authority scheme is open from now until 17 December. Successful applicants will be able to obtain a professional IP Audit, worth up to £2,400 and to implement recommendations worth up to £5,600.

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