Metro Mayor blasts unambitious climate goals

“Government plans to change the way we heat our homes barely scratch the surface,” said Metro Mayor Dan Norris.

His comments came after the Prime Minister announced a plan to subsidise low-carbon heat pumps to replace gas boilers for homeowners.

“These government plans fall far short,” said Dan Norris. “They don’t recognise the urgency or the huge scale of the climate emergency. They wouldn’t cover half of Bristol’s needs to go green, never mind the whole of the country.

“We need a bold climate pledge like the £28 billion extra each and every year to 2030 that Labour proposes.

“We are not leading the world or showing the essential moral leadership.
“This is no time for climate delay. We need to seize the moment to properly invest and build a revolutionary green transition in Britain. These government plans are but a drop in the ocean and don’t cut the mustard for the West of England never mind the nation as a whole. The government needs to do much better.”

The Prime Minister announced subsidies of £5,000 to 90,000 householders over three years although up to 25 million UK homes have gas boilers. Homeowners will be left to face the costs of insulation on their own.
Mr Norris, who was at the summit where Mr Johnson unveiled his Net Zero Strategy, continued:

“What I was hoping for was a bold climate investment pledge like the £28 billion extra each and every year to 2030, that Labour proposes. Instead we got a tiny fraction of that. We are not leading the world nor showing moral leadership. This is deeply concerning with the COP climate event so soon. The climate emergency is happening now and needs action now. This is no time for climate delayers. It’s time to seize the moment, invest and reap the benefits of a green transition in Britain.”

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