Remember, remember your pets on 5th November

Angel, the mayor’s dog and metro mayor Dan Norris are urging people to have a pet friendly Bonfire Night. This follows advice published by the Dogs Trust and the RSPCA on how people can keep their pets safe and calm.  

Their figures show that almost 2/3rds of dogs become stressed when there are fireworks, as well as just over half of cats.

Dan Norris said “Angel and I hope people have a paw-some time if they’re going to a fireworks display this weekend. We’re also urging people to think about their pets, who might not have such a good time.

Mr. Norris added “there are some really simple things to do to help on Bonfire Night, without having to Fawkes out any money. Things like going for walkies before dark, or having a den where your pet can hide.

“And if you’re in a residential area, try not to have really loud fireworks – they’re bang out of order. They make me jump out of my skin, let alone Angel!”


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