Metro Mayor sees into the future

An innovative Bath-based software company showed West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris a glimpse of the future.

TekTowr has purchased two holographic pairs of glasses thanks to a grant of £5,500 from the West of England Combined Authority, led by Metro Mayor Dan Norris.

Mayor Norris tried out the special holograph-glasses as he sees TekTowr’s augmented-reality collaborative space. Just like an online multiplayer computer game, architects, planners and businesses from across the world, can get together remotely and see all their plans. Crucially everyone shares only what they want so reveal so can exclude commercially sensitive information.

The company works with big businesses names like Airbus, Lockheed Martin and Rolls Royce.

Dan Norris said: “When TekTowr offered me the chance to see the future, it sounded a bit like an episode of Dr Who! But the work they’re doing shows the world-class level of innovation that we have in the West of England. They are helping architects and town planners literally see their future plans virtually in amazing detail. Seeing really is believing! Businesses like TekTowr are at the forefront of innovation in the West of England, their work is changing how we do town-planning and develop the green transport of tomorrow. The future is bright.”





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