Green Gillingstool pupils design brilliant posters

Environmentally concerned pupils from across South Gloucestershire told local politicians their ideas to tackle the climate emergency at Gillingstool Primary School.

Gillingstool Primary School organised a special Schools Summit to coincide with COP 26. They were joined online by youngsters from Crossways Primary, Oldbury Primary and Olveston Primary.

The pupils have been busy getting creative making videos talking about climate change while budding artists have been making use of their artistic talents with paints, crayons and felt-tips to design posters with green messages.

At the summit Mayor Norris viewed all the brilliant posters before the winning design was announced. Then he heard from the children their ideas and what climate pledges they will be making to help the planet.

A new global survey illustrates the depth of anxiety many young people are feeling about climate change. Nearly 60% of young people approached said they felt very worried or extremely worried.

Mayor Norris said: “I think young people really are ahead of the politicians when it comes to climate change. I can understand that because the decisions that are taken now will affect them the most. I want to bring a message of hope. Young people really can make a massive difference. You only need to look at Greta Thurberg and the activism of young people in recent years which has really challenged and inspired governments across the globe. We have some really impressive young people here in Thornbury with brilliant ideas. It is so important they keep politicians like me on my toes so we can meet our West of England net zero targets which are even more ambitious than the government’s”

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