Thank you for wearing mask says Metro Mayor as global study shows effectiveness

A new study published in the British Medical Journal says that mask wearing cuts Covid by a half. Metro Mayor Dan Norris says this is more proof that the government should re-introduce mandatory mask wearing on public transport, in shops and other enclosed spaces.

Researchers looked systematically at a variety of infection control measures including border closures, shutting schools, disinfection and hand washing. They concluded that mask wearing was especially useful and meant a 53% reduction in the incidence of Covid.

Mr Norris, who launched a campaign in October urging people to wear masks in the run up to Christmas said this latest study was another reason for people to “do the right thing”.

The Mayor said: “A big thank you to everyone wearing masks and to all the shops and buses displaying my mask wearing posters. Wearing a mask helps keep your friends and neighbours safer and protects our precious NHS which is under such pressure at the moment.

“This new evidence should be another wake up call to the government. I simply do not understand their reluctance on masks. The majority of people do the right thing but we’ve all seen someone cough and sneeze on a bus or train when they are the only maskless person in the carriage. It makes me furious. The government have powers to stop that yet they don’t seem to want to fulfil their biggest duty – to keep people safe. So once again I call on them to change their minds. In the meantime l will do all I can locally. So thank you to everyone in the West of England wearing a mask. That’s the best present you can give our NHS this Christmas.”

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