National Tree Week

West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris branched out as he planted a tree in Twerton to show his support for National Tree Week.

Mr. Norris met Jon Clark and Alex Stone from the Forest of Avon Trust

National Tree week is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, running this year from November 27th to December 5th. It coincides with the start of the winter tree planting season.  

The Forest of Avon Trust are aiming for a whopping 75 hectares of tree planting next planting season. They have set out their ’10 goals in 10 years,’ which include planting half a million native trees and shrubs in the region, expanding and showing off their woodland wellbeing activities, and improving access to and within 50 local woodlands.  

Dan Norris said: “People sometimes say about politicians that they can’t see the wood for the trees – well I want to break that mould. Trees are amazing; they’re a powerful asset in the fight against climate change, they’re great for biodiversity, and they’re great for our health and wellbeing. I said I would lead our region’s green recovery and this is a key part of that.  

“In the West of England we’re blessed with some beautiful forests and woodland. That’s why I’m meeting with organisations like the Forest of Avon Trust.  

“I’d urge everybody to get involved in National Tree Week, whether planting a tree in a pot in your back yard, to helping out at an event in your community. Yew’d be mad not to!”

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