As Plan B measures were introduced by the Prime Minister while allegations swirled around about the Downing Street “Party – Non Party”, Metro Mayor Dan Norris said:
“I urge people to follow the rules and to wear masks in public settings. Please also get your booster jab as soon as you are able to.
“I know that the people of the West of England will want to do everything that they can to protect our NHS and keep themselves and their loved ones healthy.
It is trickier this time. Christmas is once again around the corner and I know people are tired of restrictions, especially when things are going backwards. Equally this is hard news to take from a Prime Minister who has lost all moral authority to ask the British people to follow rules.
But it is important that we do. We need to keep healthy and keep our economy functioning as the scientists work on new vaccines, and the NHS gets ready to give out more boosters.”

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