Business booster break needed

West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris has called on the government to step up and provide an urgent package of measures to support local businesses.

The Mayor who has responsibility for jobs and skills say that the lockdown by stealth is crippling his local economy.

Mayor Dan Norris said: “I fully support the campaign to get Britain boosted. But let’s follow the science. I back boosters but their full effect doesn’t kick in until after a fortnight. So with the best will in the world even if we meet the ambitious targets there is a lag until people get maximum protection. That’s why I’m calling for a “business booster break” a time limited package of support until the end of January enabling viable businesses to survive this unofficial lockdown as people vote with their feet. It’s clear hospitality is getting another hammer blow. I also fear for the fitness sector such as gyms in the new year. It is easier to save a business than start from scratch – so the government should step up now.”

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