Metro Mayor slams ‘nightmare before Christmas’ as government announces 3.8% rise in rail fares.

West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris has criticised the government’s announcement of a 3.8% rise in rail fares as a ‘nightmare before Christmas.’

Dan Norris said: “With inflation at a 10-year high, people are now being clobbered with yet another large rise in rail fares. This really is a nightmare before Christmas for many people. Rail fares have risen twice as fast as wages, and that’s going to be of great concern to families across the West of England. 

“The West of England Combined Authority, which I lead, is working with rail providers on providing better and more regular services across our region; including reopening two new lines and up to six new stations. I know just how important trains are to our region. 

“But the government needs to play its part. They should step up to the plate and provide incentives for people to travel by train, instead of hammering them with yet more price hikes. This is also vital if we are to meet our ambitious net zero targets.”

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