Metro Mayor sees how goat is recycling used Christmas trees

Ever wondered what happens to your Christmas tree once it’s been taken away to be recycled?

On Twelfth Night, the traditional day to take down your decorations Dan Norris, Metro Mayor of the West of England took a “behind the trees” look at exactly what South Gloucestershire charity Empowering Futures do with all those West of England spruces and firs, once Christmas is over.

The charity, which provides support, coaching and environmental activities for disabled people of all ages, is once again collecting Christmas trees, and the tree plus a £1 per tree donation end up on their Moorend farm.

Sarah Harper from Empowering Futures showed the Mayor how trees from across South Gloucestershire are being turned into compost, mulch… and even used as feed for the farm’s goats!

The Metro Mayor met Barney the goat who was munching Christmas trees.

Mayor Dan Norris said: “Having spruced up our houses for Christmas, now it’s time to take the decorations and tree down. But by disposing of Christmas tree sustainably you can help local charity Empowering Futures.

“Not only is your tree being put to good use and kept out of landfill, you will also be helping a small local charity inspire local disabled people with green fingered skills that are so important in rural and semi-rural areas.

“So why not arrange to have your tree collected – you’ll be helping people, animals and the environment all in one go!”

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