Metro Mayor launches £1million of green innovation grants

£1 million of new investment is on offer to help the West go green, West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris has announced.

The latest cash, is on offer to innovative local firms across the West of England. They can apply for between £20,000 and £75,000 to research and test out their environmental ideas.

Speaking from a cutting-edge green energy project which has benefited from a forerunner scheme Mr. Norris will say:

“There are thirty-three homes powered just by green energy here. That’s great for the planet and for people’s energy bills.”

Clean Energy Prospector previously received a grant of £50,000. Their Managing Director Damon Rand will explain to the Metro Mayor how they built a self-sufficient energy system linking together solar panels, heat pumps, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points across the community. They will use all the data gathered to make the most of the clean energy generated. They also plan to pave the way to bigger and better energy efficient housing schemes.

Dan Norris continued: “I’m really keen to back green! As part of our drive to meet the region’s ambitious net-zero targets, I’m proud to announce £1 million of green Innovation Grants.
Local businesses have an eight week window to apply for funding. Projects must complete within a year.

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