Gray update

Boris Johnson has said “sorry” to Parliament again today (31 January) for breaking the rules, as Sue Gray released a 12 page update into parties at Downing Street.
Commenting Metro Mayor Dan Norris said:
“We now know there were 16 separate gatherings with 12 of those having met the threshold to be investigated by the police. This is shocking. The Prime Minister lied and stands accused of breaking the laws he designed. He should go. I also still don’t think he gets the level of anger people feel. Today he told us that this pandemic has been “hard” for everyone. Hard doesn’t even come close to covering it for what many people have suffered. What is also utterly depressing too, is that all this is happening at a time when petrol prices, the weekly shop and energy bills are going through the roof. But the Prime Minister is too busy battling for his own political survival to put the effort required into tackling the cost of living crisis.

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