Bristol airport expansion ignores climate emergency – and will be overturned says Metro Mayor

Huge and growing public anger will see the controversial decision to expand Bristol airport being overturned by a future government Metro Mayor Dan Norris has stated.

Inspectors are believed to have made their decision because the government has not developed a national airport expansion policy. Inspectors felt they could not restrict some UK airports while others were able to expand.

The Metro Mayor has blamed out-of-date government policy for the Bristol expansion decision saying there needs to be an “urgent national conversation” about airports.

He said “ I am dismayed but not at all surprised by this decision. The government is in chaos on UK airport expansion as on pretty much everything else.

“The government’s lack of green policy on UK airport expansion has resulted in inspectors ignoring the voices of local people, and the resolution of the West of England Combined Authority which I lead.

“There is a climate emergency and everyone should be doing their bit – particularly government. I have always thought the people are ahead of law makers on this issue. The public will severely punish politicians who ignore the climate emergency and I believe this decision will be overturned by future new government within years.

“The current PM has got other things on his mind at the moment but we really need a serious leader who is willing to take on these tough issues head on.”

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