Ambushed by a cake

It was cake and balloons all round as West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris helped Cancer Research UK celebrate their 20th birthday ahead of World Cancer Day.

Presenting a 20th Birthday cake to shop manager Martin Chandler, the Metro Mayor praised the ‘incredible work’ of Cancer Research UK in tackling the leading cause of death in the world. The national charity funds ground breaking research led by researchers at the University of Bristol into the effect of obesity on cancer and on how to develop an affordable, point of care blood test to diagnose brain tumours.

Mr Norris said: “Work by Bristol scientists funded by Cancer Research UK has and will save lives.”   

Over the last 20 years the survival rates for lung, ovarian and oesophageal cancer have all increased by about 15 percentage points. However sadly every year there are around 900 cancer deaths in the Bristol area.  

West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris continued: “World Cancer day is a day that touches many people deeply, as we all have personal stories of how cancer has affected us or a relative or a friend. 

“It’s also a cause for hope – given the amazing amount of local research and scientific breakthroughs made possible by money raised for Cancer Research UK. 

“So happy Birthday to Cancer Research UK, I’m proud to celebrate two decades of your important work.”

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