Metro Mayor slams Tory “Buy now, pay later” energy plan

West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris has criticised the Government’s energy announcement today calling it a “Buy now, pay later” scheme that will do little to help hard up people and families.

The Tories’ plan looks to lend money to energy companies to take money off bills this year, only to add that back on to bills for years to come. Labour’s fully-funded plan starts with a one-off windfall tax on North Sea oil and gas profits, which would save households £200 on their bills while providing additional targeted support of £400 to those in greatest need.

Dan Norris said “The cost of living issue is worsening, with Christmas shopping baskets £15 more expensive than last year due to inflation, petrol 24 percent more expensive, and rents at their highest level in 13 years. This winter, families’ household earnings are under severe strain. The Tory’s announcement on energy prices shows whose side they are on.

“Shell announced £20 billion in profits today – four times more than last year, but the government, won’t ask them to pay a penny more toward protecting people from skyrocketing bills.”

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