Metro Mayor and his dog back Ukrainian pet appeal

A kind-hearted dog groomer’s campaign to help people and animals fleeing the Ukrainian conflict has received the backing of Angel, First Dog of the West of England, and her owner Metro Mayor Dan Norris.

Mr Norris helped pack a van jam packed full of pet food, clothes and first aid supplies heading to Ukraine organised by Paulton’s Dog Groomery.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said he was honoured to contribute to a good and worthy local initiative. He said: “The war in Ukraine is utterly devastating. Putin’s unprovoked, unjustifiable violation of international law is having tragic consequences. I am glad to be able to donate items for Ukrainian people and their pets today. The van is full up with donations showing how people of the West of England want to show their support and solidarity. We all know the attack on Ukraine is an attack on democracy. Pets are cherished members of the family, and their safety, health and comfort matter. We’ve all seen the pictures on the TV of people packing up a few belongings and their beloved pets. I am glad be part of such a worthy cause, and know my dog Angel won’t mind me putting her dog food to good use”.

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