Metro Mayor Dan Norris has stepped in to save the section of the 92 bus service in Bristol serving Whitchurch and South Bristol Community Hospital which was due to be scrapped by Firstbus.

The West of England Mayor has confirmed that the Combined Authority which he leads will fund a service and has found an alternative provider for this route.

From 24 April to 27 August, CT Plus will operate a service between Hengrove Park and Broad Walk Shops while discussions are held on a longer-term solution.

Mayor Dan Norris said:

“As I said when the cuts were first announced, this route was of particular concern to me. I’m pleased to support a service that’s so important for people living in Whitchurch and its surrounding areas especially to access the hospital. I will always step in to try and save under-threat buses where I can, but sadly there is no unlimited pot of money.

“There are other routes that are being axed or reduced that matter very much to their communities too. I resent being powerless to act because the Government has denied me the necessary funds to keep existing services going, never mind provide more routes.

“If we are to meet the climate emergency, buses have to become more important, not be cut back. The Government is too short term in its approach which is exactly the opposite of what is needed if we are to build the quality public transport system the people across the West of England not only need, but deserve. While today we have a success story we do need more people to use buses or we risk losing more of them and for the Government to provide more comprehensive support”.

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