Metro Mayor Dan Norris is urging local people to submit meter readings to their electricity and gas providers tomorrow (Thursday 31 March) before the April energy price cap hike comes into effect.

With energy bills due to rise by an average of 54% on Friday, the Metro Mayor is encouraging West of England households to take – and submit – a gas and electricity meter reading the day before.

By doing so, they can ensure all energy used up until that date is charged on the cheaper rate – the current energy price cap.

From Friday, the price cap will rise from £1,277 to £1,971 for a household on average usage. That means most West of England households face a £693 per year increase to heat and light their homes. Prepayment customers will face an even steeper hike of £708 and an annual bill of £2,017.

In order to avoid paying more, the Metro Mayor is asking people to take a gas and electricity reading so that they are charged at the lower rate on gas and electricity used up until 31 March. Money saving expert Martin Lewis and the comparison site, GoCompare, have both echoed this advice.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said:

“The enormous price cap hike hitting West of England households in April is sadly not something we can now avoid, and so I urge people to do all that they can to save before then, including by submitting an up-to-date meter reading to avoid overpaying on their energy bills.

“I am acutely aware that these price hikes are unmanageable for many across our region, and I find it staggering that the Chancellor did not the necessary and significant action in his spring statement to support households through the cost-of-living crisis and the difficult months ahead.

“Under my leadership, the West of England Combined Authority is doing all it can to cut energy bills for people in the long run, including by making our homes more energy efficient through our world-leading retrofitting programme, but the case for short-term support from government is plain to see.

“The Government should again look at Labour’s proposal for an immediate cut to VAT on energy bills and windfall tax on North Sea Oil and Gas companies and our comprehensive strategy to bring costs down and ensure our ongoing energy security through investment in renewables”.

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