Over £100m of investment for buses will come to the West of England after a successful bid led by Metro Mayor Dan Norris.

The £105.5m coming to the West of England Combined Authority and North Somerset Council is the second highest funding award in the whole of the country. Liverpool have won £12m while  neighbouring Somerset county council got £11.9 million.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris who is responsible for regional transport said:

“I’m delighted for the people of the West of England. This is another vote of confidence in our amazing region. The money will build on the half a billion we have already secured since last May. It sounds like a lot of money – and it is. Sadly this isn’t cash I am allowed to spend to save individual bus routes. What we can do is make sure buses don’t get stuck in so many traffic jams with measures to speed them through congestion, improve the quality of buses, and make it easier and more convenient to buy a ticket. This is a good day for the west of England and a step on the road to give local people the public transport services they need and deserve. But this can only be the start. We need to lever in even more resources if we really want to get as many people as possible out of cars and into public transport which is key to meeting our ambitious net zero targets.”

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