Blooming Marvellous! Community planting project ‘growing strong’, says Metro Mayor

Green-fingered Emersons Green volunteers welcomed a special helper to their innovative community growing initiative celebrating its first birthday.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris marked the anniversary by digging in as he toured a community garden at Blackhorse Primary School.

Over the last year ‘One Planet Matters’ has been working with over 200 people in 40 projects across South Gloucestershire to grow fresh, nutritious and tasty produce.

The Metro Mayor met One Planet Matters volunteers and their Director Kevin Thomas to hear about their first year in which they grew garlic, onions, broad beans, strawberries and more. Now in their second year, they plan to supply local foodbanks with their fresh, organic produce.

The Metro Mayor who runs an ‘Eat Local’ campaign said: “This is a blooming fantastic idea which has brought the community together and used every inch of space to create a beautiful-looking and super-productive garden for everyone beyond the school gates. With the cost of living soaring, more and more families are struggling right now, and so initiatives like these that provide access to fresh, sustainable and tasty West of England produce are so important”.

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