West of England Metro Mayor and animal welfare advocate Dan Norris has joined the board of the national charity the League Against Cruel Sports and will take on the role of Trustee with immediate effect.

The Metro Mayor is a life-long animal welfare campaigner. He cites the banning of fox hunting in England and Wales by the Hunting Act of 2004 during his time as an MP as one of his proudest achievements. In the lead up to the vote Mr Norris and his MP staff were physically attacked by hunters. 

As Metro Mayor, Mr Norris has called for the Hunting Act to strengthened and loopholes removed, again working closely with League Against Cruel Sports during this period.

He has also urged the Government to follow through on its promise to ban imports of foie gras, campaigned against unnecessary and cruel animal experiments at educational and other institutions, and led efforts for a ban on lobsters being boiled or dismembered alive without first being stunned with specialist instruments to prevent unnecessary suffering and pain.

As he joins as a Trustee, Metro Mayor Dan Norris said:

“How we treat animals is a moral indicator of how we behave as a society. I have never understood why anyone would want to inflict senseless cruelty on any animal. I am immensely proud to be joining the prestigious League Against Cruel Sports. Their work is impressive and their impact has been significant. I look forward to working with my new trustee colleagues to create a future where we as a country are no longer prepared to stand by and watch cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of so called sport. We have an obligation to provide for the welfare needs of all animals, which should be safe in our care, and I am determined to play my part to ensure the League Against Cruel Sports goes on to even greater successes and achievements in the future”.

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