Speaking on the BBC’s flagship Radio 4 Today programme, Metro Mayor Dan Norris called for the government to look closely at helmet wearing for e-scooter riders and ‘strict controls’ if e-scooters are legalised.


The Metro Mayor was responding to the Transport Secretary this week confirming plans to legalise private e-scooter use will be included in Queen’s Speech next week.


Mr Norris said if the Government decides to legalise the use of private e-scooters, necessary and proportionate regulations, need to be adopted. He cited concerns over e-scooter safety including head injury risks to e-scooter riders from falls.


Speaking on the programme this morning, the Metro Mayor said: “In legalising e-scooters, the Government is going to have to ensure there are very strict controls. No road journey is totally safe and if you are on an e-scooter which are inherently less stable than bicycles, you are going to expect to see more injuries. But that means people need to wear helmets and the Government needs to indicate what they are going to do about that. I think the Government need to do that. It seems consistent with all our other rules. Head injuries are a real risk and you are sadly much more prone to those on e-scooters”.


In Newcastle, e-scooters come with a number of safety features, including a helmet provided with each scooter.

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