Mow problem: Metro Mayor urges locals to embrace a wilder lawn

Every flower counts, according to Metro Mayor Dan Norris, who is issuing a rallying cry for people to give the mower a breather this No Mow May to boost flowers and the insects that rely on them.

The Mayor was speaking ahead of a visit to Bath-based not-for-profit group, Curo Housing, to hear how they too are shunning lawnmowers and letting their estates grow wild.

He met Carl McMurtry, Director of Estate Services, at the newly regenerated Whiteway Green to hear how the group are turning their backs on lawnmowers across their properties in May.

The Mayor also learnt how the not-for-profit group are planning to go further by launching their own ‘do nothing for nature’ campaign to get people not to mow their lawns in the summer.

The Metro Mayor is encouraging locals to heed calls to leave the lawnmower alone for a month and to mow less and at different lengths and frequencies through the summer.

Grass left unmowed allows wildflowers to flourish, providing extra food for struggling pollinators and becoming a haven for insects, birds and hedgehogs.

Since No Mow May, a campaign from the charity Plantlife launched in 2019, thousands of lawns have been left to sprout. Plantlife says the campaign trebled the number of people leaving their lawns long, and expects a bigger success this year.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “Peer over your garden fence in May and you might think your neighbour’s lawn is looking a little unkempt. But don’t tut, that’s a good thing! Getting people to leave the mower for a few weeks really is so important. A wilder lawn can be a boon for plants, butterflies and other creatures, and they are just perfect for our pollinators. I’m really pleased Curo and people across the West of England are participating and I encourage everyone to do so”.

Speaking about the visit, Carl McMurtry, Curo Director of Estate Services, said: “After the success of No Mow May last year, we’re going one step further with our new Nothing for Nature initiative. Nothing for Nature means giving nature a chance by leaving areas of grass to go wild for a little longer, beyond May. We’re doing this by working closely with local communities, like the fantastic Blooming Whiteway group, and we’ll be listening carefully to residents’ feedback as we grow this initiative”.

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