Bee Bold Day: Metro Mayor launches Bee Bold Awards

An awards scheme to showcase the very best “bee buddies” in the West of England was launched by Metro Mayor Dan Norris at Bradley Stoke-based Natracare.

From shops to schools, farms to factories, in offices and warehouses, all pollinator-loving organisations across the West of England are encouraged to take part in the regions “Bee Bold Awards 2022.”

There are two categories of awards:

Space for nature – recognising organisations that have created gardens or pollinator spaces within their workplaces.

People for nature – recognising organisations that engage their employees, customers, communities and partners to create spaces for nature.

For a ‘hive’ of information on how to apply, please visit the following webpage (going live on Wednesday 11 May):

The closing date for applications is 9 September 2022.

Speaking at the launch taking place at Bradley Stoke’s Natracrare headquarters on Eagles Wood, Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “Please get involved and share your brilliant ideas to help our bees. Bees and pollinators are the West of England’s unsung heroes. Without them pollinating our plants, flowers and trees, we wouldn’t have access to fresh fruit or veg or get to enjoy our summertime favourites, like strawberries or cider. Simply put, we need their pollinating power. When I pledged to make the West of England the Bee and Pollinator Capital of the UK, I meant bees-niss. I know there are amazing organisations of all sizes in our region doing their bit to support our pollinator friends and with these awards, we’re going to give them the recognition they deserve”.

Natracrare built their very own bee and pollinator garden to help the region’s food heroes and the results have been un-bee-lievable. It has become home to pollinating superstars including moths, bee-flies, butterflies, bumblebees and damselflies. Founder and CEO Susie Hewson said: “With so much concrete and tarmac in our towns and cities, it was important for us to make our own green spaces work for pollinators. Now, ten years on, we have a balanced, nature-friendly garden, that engages our local community, and gives our staff a calming breathing space outdoors”.

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