Bee Bold Day: The Bees are back in town

Beehive Yard will once again live up to its name as buzzing pollinators return there after what is believed to be over a century’s absence.

Bath-based Agency UK’s officially revealed two brand-new beehives with the help of local beekeeper Martin Knight and West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris.

Beehive Yard got its name in the 17th century due to sitting alongside an old bee-crowded orchard from the Tudor period. But like many Bath residents, Agency UK co-founder Amy Stobie wasn’t seeing many of the creatures buzzing around outside the office. That’s in part because un-bee-lievably, the number of Great British beehives has declined by a shocking 75% over the last century.

Amy got researching and planning. She discovered that over the last 200 years, Beehive Yard has seen a lot of pollution from trams, roads and coal used in an old metal workshop leading to the nation’s favourite pollinator all but disappearing. So she teamed up with local businesses and residents to reintroduce not one but two hives with native honeybees beside the river bank for the benefit of the whole community.

Amy Stobie said: “I am very proud to have re-introduced bees to Beehive Yard. My hope is that it will bring the communities together with a shared interest and the bees will act as a catalyst for more positive pollinator improvements within the city. I hope that the other businesses will see how you actually need very little land to make a positive difference”.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris who is running the West of England’s first-ever Bee Bold Awards said: “This is such an inspiring story. Bees matter. Simply put, we really can’t live without their pollinating skills. At a time when the impact of climate change is becoming clearer by the day, it is good to find out more about Agency UK’s work to create a thriving bee population in Bath and across our region. The new beehive will be great for our pollinator pals busily producing liquid gold and keeping the fresh, nutritious and tasty West of England fruit and veg we love growing. If you’re making your organisation bee friendly too, please take part in the 2022 Bee Bold Awards”.

To enter the 2022 Bee Bold Awards, visit: The closing date for applications is 9 September 2022.

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