Tory MPs will be ordered to vote against a windfall tax on oil and gas companies tomorrow (Tuesday 17 May) to help families struggling with the rising cost of living, with Metro Mayor Dan Norris accusing the Government of being in “utter chaos” over whether to back the proposal.

A debate on last week’s Queen’s Speech is to be held on Tuesday, and Labour will put forward an amendment to allow the Commons to vote for or against the measure. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng confirmed yesterday MPs would be told to vote down Labour’s proposal.

Households in the West of England are being hit with rising costs when it comes to fuel, energy and food, with inflation running at a 30-year high.

Labour have repeatedly touted the idea of a windfall tax on the record profits of oil and gas companies to raise money to support the hardest hit. The plans would hand the hardest-hit households in the West of England £600 to help with current sky-high energy bills.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said there was mixed messaging from the Government on the proposal, and that the case for a one-off levy on fossil fuel firms was irrefutable. He said: “We face a social emergency in the West of England. Households across our region are being hammered by the rising cost of living, including rocketing energy bills. At the same time, we have got oil and gas companies making record profits off the back of those sky-high bills. My message to the Chancellor is clear: stop the mixed messaging, listen to Labour and get on with bringing real help to families with a windfall tax, the case for which is now irrefutable. Every day that goes by is sleepless nights for thousands of West of England households. By listening to Labour, the Government can ensure they can rest a little easier”.

Conservative chair of the Treasury Committee Mel Stride today backed Labour’s call for a windfall tax.

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