The big picture: Metro Mayor and his dog first to visit new outdoor photography gallery

It was take your dog to work day and so First Dog of the West of England Angel officially opened a new outdoor photography gallery.

The brand-new open-air space from Bristol’s Royal Photographic Society and Martin Parr Foundation has been fully funded by the West of England Combined Authority led by Angel’s owner Metro Mayor Dan Norris and will bring photography about Bristolians to Bristolians.

It’s free entry for dogs and people alike.

Two exhibitions will take place each year. The first by local artist Khali Ackford is called ‘This is Not a Moment’ and features photos illustrating the Black Lives Matter demos in Bristol in summer 2020.

The brand-new exhibit space has been built entirely by Bristol-born tradespeople, including talented local artists and labourers.

Keen amateur photographer Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “I’m so pleased the West of England Combined Authority I lead has helped get this brand-new outdoor gallery up and running. It will give even more reasons for Bristolians and their canine companions to visit. It just goes to show how many amazing things to do we have right here on our doorstep. Let’s get out there and discover all Bristol, and our amazing region, has to offer”.

Royal Photographic Society CEO Evan Dawson explained to the Metro Mayor how Bristol is now a go to place for photography after the Martin Parr Foundation opened in 2017 followed by the arrival of the Royal Photographic Society’s headquarters directly opposite in 2019. 

Speaking about the visit, Mr Dawson said: “In the digital age, physical spaces have great significance for communities. These new exhibition stands bring together people within Paintworks, coalescing between the Royal Photographic Society and Martin Parr Foundation, forming a new public square for art. They provide a fixed opportunity for everyone to share responses to artistic works; to celebrate local artists; and stimulate new conversations, human encounters, and creativity”.

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